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Toy Story Alien Claw Rescue Game Electronic Spinning
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Toy Story Alien Claw Rescue Game Electronic Spinning

Our Price: $34.88

toy story claw game 2p13

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CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

With this Toy Story Alien Claw Game you can lift the toys to safety  ... before its too late!  Buzz, Woody, Jessie and Rex are trapped on a spinning conveyor belt and need you to help the green aliens save them!

  • Toy Story Alien Claw Rescue Game
  • Electronic spinning game
  • Lift the toys to safety before it is too late!
  • Grab and flip with alien claw action
  • When the junk pile POPS, who will be saved?
  • Grab, rescue and win
  • Requires 3 AA batteries
  • For 2 to 4 players
  • Recommended for ages 5 and up

Product Details:
Product Length: 3.25 inches
Product Width: 10.5 inches
Product Height: 15.75 inches
Product Weight: 2.81 pounds
Package Length: 15.7 inches
Package Width: 10.6 inches
Package Height: 3.4 inches
Package Weight: 2.7 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 5 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 2.0 ( 5 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

19 of 20 found the following review helpful:

1Returned this gameSep 07, 2010
By B. Lee
The other reviewer explains the game very well, so I'll stick to the reasons I decided to return the game. My son received this game for his birthday and we set it up to play.

There are four claws to pick up the little colored toys. You are supposed to pick up the toys that correspond to the color claw you are using as they rotate around the board. Your claw has no real control, basically you peck at the toys and try to fling them to the middle. Two adults had trouble managing the claw and actually getting the pieces into the center. The pieces were just as likely to be flung off the game all together.

The game, when assembled, does not fit back into the box, so you have to take it apart and assemble it every time you play. Each claw snaps into the center piece and then snaps out. I didn't like the way it felt to unsnap the piece, I think if done repeatedly the piece would likely break. I also don't think most children could managed this task.

This game takes 3 AA batteries which are not included.

9 of 10 found the following review helpful:

4A slight variation of Hungry Hungry Hippos, but still fun in its own right...Jul 04, 2010
By Writer4Life
I saw this game in a Sunday ad the week the movie came out and thought it looked like fun. I ordered it online that week for a discounted price and have enjoyed playing it since it arrived. Here's the breakdown.

What comes in the box:
* Game board with spinning plates
* 4 colored cranes
* 16 game pieces
* Instructions

The game requires very little set-up, but does need 3 AA batteries to function (and a tiny screwdriver to access the battery compartment). Once the batteries are in, you can begin playing immediately. Just attach the cranes, scatter the game pieces on the yellow plate of the board, flip the ON switch, and you're ready to begin.

The objective of the game is to choose a colored crane (green, yellow, blue, or purple) and rescue the corresponding colored game pieces (Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and Rex) by placing them in the center of the game board. The game pieces are rotated around the board on a spinning plate and players try to use precise timing with their cranes to pick up their designated pieces. Once they have one of the toy pieces in their crane, players try to toss the piece into the middle of the board. Whoever has the most of their colored pieces in the center of the board when the plates stop rotating wins the game.

My first thoughts on how the game operated differed from what the actual game turned out to be. From the looks of the box, I had the idea that players could maneuver the cranes freely and use them to pick up and place the pieces where they needed to go (much like a crane game you see in arcades). Instead, the cranes stay in one place and lifting is limited to the small area in front of them. Once you manage to grab a toy piece, you are restricted to flicking the piece into the middle of the board, which often has mixed results. It's not uncommon for pieces to go flying off the game board or simply drop in front of your crane when you attempt to chuck them.

Another drawback is the popping of the center zone where the pieces are hurled into. This sometimes causes pieces to fall out and forces players to scramble to get their pieces back in before the game ends. The feature was obviously meant to give the game some longevity in case one player manages to get their pieces in right away but it might feel more like a penalty to players who struggle to grasp the crane's flicking action. Once one manages to toss a piece in the center, the piece may pop right back out, and players may feel cheated after all their hard work. This feature of the game would've benefitted from being an optional preference that could be turned on and off.

Still, once you are able to improve your accuracy with the crane's flicking motion the game becomes pretty entertaining. Up to four people can participate in a round together and the game can be played several ways. Two players can try to collect two color sets of game pieces before the timer runs out or players can choose a specific toy that only they try to save in every color (this may work best with advanced players since the pieces are not lying face up the entire time). The game can even be played by a single person if they'd like to see how many toys they can successfully lob and keep in the center zone.

Overall, it's an enjoyable little board game that, despites one or two flaws, is still worth checking out. Kids will likely recognize the game's connection to the movie if they've seen it and find the game's concept appealing, if not a little frustrating at first. Once you've played several rounds, the game's difficulty lessens and it becomes quite amusing. I don't know if it's worth the $25 most retailers are currently advertising it for but I didn't mind paying $15 for it (K-Mart).

* Easy to set-up & put away
* Based on a memorable scene from the movie
* Allows for up to 4 people to play (can be played alone too, despite the box's description)
* Several different ways to change up the original method of play
* More or less a quieter version of Hungry Hungry Hippos

* Cranes are limited to a fixed location
* Flicking of cranes & popping of center plate may frustrate players
* Relatively short game duration

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

1This game is terribleDec 31, 2010
By MNdad
I couldn't agree more with the comment below.

I bought this game for my daughter thinking it would be like Hungry Hippos, but it was not even close.

The claw is useless - it has two movements - down and up - that's it - you can't even move it left or right.

It does not grab pieces, instead it flings them wildly - usually off the board.

The object is to fling your color pieces into the center ring, but it is almost impossible to do and since the pieces are all so small and stick together, trying to actually aim for your color is even more impossible.

Shame on Mattel for putting out such a piece of garbage. If I had the receipt, I would have returned this piece of junk.

Do not buy this game.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

1poor designAug 17, 2011
By E. Pollack
My daughter received this from a friend for, so I couldn't return it. I agree with the other reviews that it is impossible to control the claws in any meaningful way, making this game not fun at all. Disney should do better design quality control before mass-producing a product like this. Do not buy, even if you love the movie.

4Claws are uncontrollable but the game is still fun!Dec 08, 2011
By Amazon Customer
I agree with the other reviews that you cannot control where the claw puts the pieces or even if the claw will pick up a given piece when you attempt to pick it up. That being said, this game is still fun! Not being able to count on your piece landing where you want it actually adds a level of difficulty to the game. This game would be super boring if you grabbed your piece and placed it in the middle 100% of the time.

This gift was given to my five year old nephew for his birthday. After it was opened and assembled, the adults pretty much took it over. It's a blast throwing your and your opponents pieces around and off the "game board" and then not knowing who will win at the end because the center pops up and shoots pieces off. The game seems decently durable as 4 adults were slamming the claws into the turning "game board" and nothing broke. The only negative I would add is that there are a bunch of small pieces which could get lost easily.

I could see how others could get frustrated with the game because of the lack of control but I (we) had a blast playing it and I am definitely picking it up for my son for Christmas.

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