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AmOn 1 vs 100 dvd game 12o

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Product Details:
Product Length: 2.6 inches
Product Width: 7.9 inches
Product Height: 10.6 inches
Package Length: 10.5 inches
Package Width: 7.8 inches
Package Height: 2.7 inches
Package Weight: 0.65 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 25 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.5 ( 25 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

9 of 9 found the following review helpful:

5Best american DVD game to date.Aug 13, 2007
By MFan
In this age, DVD game shows are being rapidly released with quantity in mind and little concern to quality. So at first seeing this game, I was a bit worried it would be another travesty like the growing list of the poorly designed and executed Imagination DVD "games". However, I was very pleasantly surprised at first play.

The folks at Mattel did a wonderful job! This is most likely the first DVD game in the US that is not only faithful to the game, but is fun, and for the first time, it's a DVD game with actual interactivity! Something that is not often seen in DVD "games" these days. Plus it's also one of the first DVD games I've seen with a rock solid one player option.

The questions in this game have never repeated in repeated plays. Also, the game is also so well designed, that it played on every DVD player I tried it on with no errors or flaws. This is another terrific plus.

Pick this up! It's quite possibly the best American DVD game to date!

7 of 7 found the following review helpful:

2Did you know?Dec 30, 2007
By Debra Mcdonald
Did you know that an odometer measures weight? How about that a leap year has 364 days?
The first flaw we noticed in the game was that you can ask the mob for help infinite times, instead of 3. When you click on a help, it will say you have 2 helps left, even if you have already used that same one 20 times in that round.
The main problem we noticed in this game was the answers to the questions. We never got passed 3rd round of questions, because, the game's answers are simply put, wrong. Need examples?
Ever see the Dukes of Hazzard? For our answer to the question "Who played Daisy Duke?" we put Jessica Simpson. Apparently the answer is Beyonce.
"What is most likely to freshen your breath"? You would think altoids, but no, it's your thyroid.
There were many other wrongs answers, we just named a few.
Although the game has serious problems, it was a fun family game night. We shared more laughs than with any other game ever, but will probably not play the game again anytime soon.

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

4A Well-Developed DVD Game AdaptationJan 01, 2008
By tvtv3 "tvtv3"
Over the past several years, DVD games of game shows have become quite popular. When they are well made they can be rather fun to play, but if they haven't been developed well then the fun and excitement of game play is stifled. Even though I really enjoy the show, "1 Vs. 100" has aired rather infrequently on television. Therefore, when I picked up the DVD game at a discounted price, I was concerned about how well the game would play. I did not need to be concerned.

The 1 VS. 100 DVD GAME plays fairly close to the actual game on television. Just like in the show, Bob Saget hosts. In the introduction he says that he will treat the viewer just like a contestant on the show and that's pretty much the case, bad quips, slow interludes, and all. A person can play the game and take on the DVD mob or other people can join in and participate as members of the mob (up to six other players can play). The only major difference between the DVD game and the actual game show is that Saget doesn't read off each of the questions or have any interaction with any of the mob members.

My family and I really enjoyed playing the 1 VS 100 DVD GAME. We played the game eight or nine different times over a series of a few days and none of the questions were repeated nor did the game give incorrect answers. Also, the questions are on the same difficulty level as they are on the show.

As much as we liked the game, however, there are a few minor annoyances. In the interludes between when the contestant selects the correct answer and the correct answer appears on the screen, the same comments are repeated by Saget. I will say that they have given him about five or six different comments instead of the usual two or three that other hosts of DVD games have, e.g. Howie Mandel on the DEAL OR NO DEAL DVD GAME. The other thing that is a little annoying is that game doesn't seem to allow anyone to get above the $6,000 range of questions before one eliminates the mob. For many people this won't be an issue--on the show contestants rarely got above the $7,000 mark either--but for people who would like to see a few more difficult questions, it is a minor annoyance.

Overall the 1 VS. 100 DVD GAME is a well developed DVD game, with only a few minor annoyances, that is fun to play both as an individual and with a group of people.

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

41 vs. greatnessDec 27, 2007
By B. E Jackson
1 vs.100 the DVD game is a REALLY fun little question and answer game starring none other than Bob Saget.

The idea of the game is to eliminate the 100 people in the audience so you (number one) remain the only person left standing. Along the way, you can answer questions correctly to make lots of money. The more people in the audience who get a question wrong, the more money you make. It's really a simple game. So for example, if you're playing for $2,000, every person in the audience who gets that question wrong will not only be eliminated, but also help you make $2,000. If five people get it wrong, that adds up to $10,000. Really simple.

This game features rather difficult questions right from the very beginning. The questions are about as hard as they are in real life on the show. They feature a variety of different subjects, ranging from the rock band the Beatles, to all sorts of American lakes, to Presidential questions, and even to current events.

I really like the way the game is presented when you start it up. Right away it looks like you're watching the REAL show because Bob Saget talks to you and treats you like a real contestant. There's also lots of funny lines from Bob that add to the experience.

Overall, totally worth owning.

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

4Awesome!!Aug 13, 2008
By les-histoires
This is the best DVD game out there so far. Very much like the actual show, using the actual show set. Bob talks to you directly and there is a "real" fake mob and studio audience.
Game has been very fun to play. Have been playing quite often and so far have only had about 3 repeat questions (after at least 30 times of play).
The home mob addition is really fun to play along. One player takes the hot seat and up to six home mob members can play along with the cards. There are even options about whether you would like to poll/ask/trust the home or studio mob.
Bob's comments although repetive(and not funny) have not become annoying nor are they condemning to the home player.
All in all this is a very enjoyable, replayable game for the whole family!

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